About Us, and How Londy Started…

Londy Loans started with a pure passion for customer service. We found that there was a gap in the market for a brokerage firm dedicated to looking after customers for life. We realised our customers needed a one-stop lending solution for all their lending needs; we recognised our customers’ need for long-term solutions. 

For this reason, we created Londy Loans, making it simple, quick and easy for our customers to apply for all types of finance and mortgages. We value taking the time to know our customers well, allowing us to offer loans selected, personalised and customised specifically for each valued customer.

We offer a wide range of personal loans, secured or unsecured, business loans and leases as well as a range of mortgages. In order to have the best possible offer, we are partnered with Ausloans Finnace Group providing us and you with more than 11 years of experience and knowledge in the finance and mortgage industry. 

Our great relationships with our lenders coupled with our brokers’ breadth and depth of industry knowledge provide all the tools necessary to make you a satisfied Londy customer for life.