Chattel Mortgages

A very flexible Loan solution the Chattel mortgages, known as ‘goods mortgages’, are usually reserved for the purchase of motor vehicles, equipment, machinery for business use only.

Overall, chattel mortgages can be significantly cheaper than any other loan type (depending on your situation). This makes it well suited to a range of customers, whether you are a sole trader, company, trust, partnership or anyone who holds an ABN (Australian Business Number).

Here’s a quick clear overview of how this type of loan works and why it may be worth considering today’

Companies, partnerships and sole traders can benefit when purchasing with this type of money loan. As described, Chattel Mortgage has two parts to the name. Chattel is the product / or Item the loan is financing Mortgage is the Loan you have to pay back.

Under a Chattel Mortgage the finance lender advance funds to you to make the purchase for the goods required, after which you become the legal owner right away (chattel) at the time of purchase.

Then the lenders take out a “mortgage” using the goods as security for the loan. The security helps reduce the over all risk of the lend an therefore your intrest rate will be lower compared with an unsecured loan.

Some of the advantages of using a Chattel Mortgage is Fixed monthly payments, lower interest, availably of a residual and a 1 to 5-year term depending on your requirements. Many businesses use the maximum residual possible as it reduces their payments significantly and allows for better cash flow.  Since the asset belongs to your business from day one the entire amount of GST is deductable. This together with the lower repayments improves your cash flow and profitability. We find that most of our customers prefer this type of loan due to the tax benefit it offers.